Yissendy Trinidad















Yissendy born in Dominican Republic at the age 15 Yissendy was taking ballet class in Centro la Cultura de Santiago, also violin class in solfeo class.  Yissendy at 17 years old was taking classes also for modeling at Barbyson school in Santiago at the age 18 she arrived to the United States of America, full of dreams, hopes and many goals to accomplish.



My motivation determination and commitment displayed from day one the characteristics of a charismatic leader. I am very positive, honest, strong, kind but aggressive, in some other words, I get what I want out of life because I work hard for it. I have my degree in Business and Medical, and I’m proud to say that I’m my number one supporter…  I crave success!

My major motivation is to represent my culture in the united states and worldwide with pride. I want to be the a role model that displays what interior,and exterior beauty looks like. I want all immigrants to see that anything is possible regardless the circumstances and obstacles that can present along the way. I want to be the face of success, honesty, preparation and determination. Being positive is a very important quality, because it is the first step towards many more accomplishment… Latinos worldwide, dream a little, hope a little and believe in yourself.

I would much like to concentrate in pursuing my modeling and acting career, specially now that I am finally in Los Angeles, California, very close to Hollywood, the world’s capital of movies. Modeling and acting have always been my number one love, and the entertainment industry wows me since a very young age. I moved here with the purpose of accomplishing that goal. I am very ready and waiting for the opportunity to once again prove that dreams do become reality.

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Fashion Designer: Yanell Galva

Make up Artist: Yohel Peña

Photographer: Conrad Steward

Shoot Coordinator: Yanet Bernabel


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