Image1Sykosis is one of Clevelands most popular shock metal bands.  They have proven their talent time and time again opening up for some of the hottest metal bands such as Chaimara, HeadPE and Mushroomhead as well as headlining for some of Ohio’s premier upcoming bands like, Metal Maffia, Khai, Neverender and Cherry Poppins

Sykosis fans are in a genre of their own, from influences of many different styles to their own sexy cheerleaders, The Syko Girls, these guys known how to bring it to the stage.  The intensity of their shows and stage presence is ramped up until the very last note, keeping their fans begging for more.  These talented brothers of metal have seen it and experienced more than their share the struggle of tragedy and heartache and have risked their lives to protect ours.  We give all our love and respect to those who have served to protect our freedom.

From playing with great bands such as HedPE, Chaimaira and Mushroomhead as well as countless others, these men have kept their spot at the top of the indie world as a voice you need to hear.  Help support their family by spreading the word of their existence and give what you can by purchasing their merchandise on their site at


Interview with Sykosis by Christa Johnston

Christa:  How did you guys get together and how long have you been making metal magic?

Sykosis:  Metal Magic?  I like that.  Well, Justin and I, we pretty much created this.  It was in Justins garage.  We had a a situation with creative differences with a band we were in “Coniption Fit”,  Justin went to Afghanistan, and got shot while he was there.  When he came back and was recovering, we decided that we needed to start working.  We got ahold of Tommy Drumz and started writing.  He’s a hard working kid right here.  He promotes more than anybody.  All the rest of the guys just showed up.  I don’t know how they got here.  (laughs)


Christa:  So you guys play a lot of different venues, and a lot of shows.  How hard is it for you to juggle your music and your personal life?

Sykosis:  Music IS our personal life!  It’s what we do. You have to have a good support system to back you up.  We revolve everything around this band.  Everything, everyday.


Christa:  So you guys are known for your masks, your high energy and your stage prescence.  How much goes into planning a show?

Sykosis:  Oh, man.  Every single day I sit here and think about this shit.  Justin writes a lot of the guitars, but the stage show is mainly me and Tommy.  We try to come up with a lot of new ideas.  October 12th is the new CD Release and you’ll see a whole new look.  So come and check it out. 


Christa:  What is your motivation for making the music?

Sykosis:  Umm.  We’re called Sykosis for a reason.  Just about every one of us has been in a nut house, for some reason.  Every single song is the truth and every one of us have been through some shit.  We need to release, this is how we do it.  You know?  Between, death, war, divorce, poverty, torture, injustice, struggle, being pushed around.  We’ve been through everything possible you can think of.


Christa:  How would you guys describe your music and style?

Sykosis:  We are shock metal, as we like to call it.  Umm, we’re diverse.  You know like, we’re definitely different.  We try to mix every single thing we possibly can together.  There’s seven band members, you know, there are a lot of different musical influences here.  From screaming to singing to rapping. We mix it all in.  There is no genre for us, really.  Fuck genre, it’s just music. 

Christa:  What should a fan expect from a Sykosis show? 

Sykosis:  Whoa! (laughs)  To release their inner demons.  When they go home at night, they will be satisfied, I promise you that!  When your up on stage it’s intense, like screaming “Fuck You” through a guitar.  It just comes out.

Stay tuned for an interview with Sykosis part 2….


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