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Get ready for a whole new generation of rock music. At the forefront is the band Remains Of Jade. Their unique sound is bound to raise head banging tendencies, with a rock groove that is not too overwhelming, yet hardcore enough to get you hooked. The content covered in the songs include sex, lies, and betrayal, all the ingredients for great rock songs. With influences like Godsmack, Tool, Saliva,… and Red Hot Chili Peppers, their music is bound to possess the rock/alternative mix that is sure to please. The band hails from Youngstown, Ohio and was formally known as Oral. Steven Paul on guitar and vocals, joined by drummer Bill Werner, and Mike Chomos on vocals and bass. The band has been together for about 5 years, and only gets better throughout the years. Their music is diverse, not only because of the experience of the individual members, but also because of their own moods and feelings regarding love and hate, which they incorporate into their songs. Their music is certainly radio ready, as their songs are universally relatable. Their former band, Oral, has two CDs out, the first being Diversity, and the second entitled Word of Mouth (released in 2007). They recently released “Life In Denial,” sure to make a mark.  The guys have shows planned throughout the region and all around Ohio, and plan on expanding their route nationally. This is possible, as their music has earned considerable radio play domestically and internationally.


Interview with Remains Of Jade

by Jim Danko

These guys really know how to play, and they’ve been practicing for many years.  I’ve had the pleasure of using some of their music for projects I had done and the result is always the same.  Their music has a familiarity to my years in high school.  Their use of personal feelings and life experiences throughout their music gives them the ability to put some serious passion into every lyric.  Definitely a top rated band in my book.  This is a band that will keep you energized and on your toes at any concert.  Give ROJ some support by sharing this post and checking out their music on Facebook or Reverbnation.


ECIM:  You guys have been together for about 5 years now.  When did you guys first meet?

ROJ: We met when the band was still called Oral back in 2006 and was looking for a new bass player.  That is when we picked up our current bassist Michael Chomos.  Steve and Mike met and Mike tried out for the spot and we have been the same trio ever since.


ECIM:  Were all of you born to play music?

ROJ: Yes; we all have played since we were young.


ECIM: Did anyone take lessons professionally? 

ROJ: Yes; all of us took lessons on a professional level.


ECIM: What brought you into this style of music? 

ROJ: The way that we can use this style to release aggression and we all love heavy groove type rock.


ECIM: You play a lot of shows around the area.  How much has local networking worked getting new gigs?

ROJ: Local networking has been invaluable to achieving new gigs even on a regional level.  We are #1 on Reverb Nation in this area and love to prove ourselves.


ECIM: Where does your inspiration come from?    

ROJ: Our inspiration comes from bands such as Tool, Linkin Park, Theory Of A Deadman, Papa Roach


ECIM: What made you change your name to Remains Of Jade? 

ROJ: New promotional direction and new management.  It is a better name and more marketable.


ECIM: Your songs have been personal to your own lives, how much does it help to be able to express your feelings through your music? 

ROJ:  It is the main goal we believe of any artist to do so.  And we definitely use our own life experiences in our writing. 


ECIM: How does the band help/hinder your family life? 

ROJ: It is hard sometimes to balance the two.  It has caused relationship issues at times, but we have a good support group who understands.


ECIM: You have some really great songs, ready for the air.  Have you had any songs play on the radio locally? 

ROJ: Yes; we have had “All I Wanted” played on Rock 104 and CD 993 The Wolf as well as “Sweet Whiskey.”  We have been on radio shows throughout the U.S. as well.  Including the Independent Music Network out of Hollywood, CA.  We are currently in the running for a national award. .  Fans can vote for us under the mainstream category.


ECIM: Your video for “All I wanted” was shot really well.  Do you see yourself making anymore videos in the future? 

ROJ: Yes; as soon as our new album is out (hopefully in the winter) we will be shooting another video from one of the singles.


ECIM: I have had the honor of using some of your music for different video projects and people have absolutely loved the music.  Has anyone else used your music for film projects?

ROJ: Yes; our songs have appeared in many independent films as well as commercial/local TV ads. 


ECIM: Your music has an old school feel yet it still fits so well along side the more modern music.  Has your style changed any over the years? 

ROJ: It has changed to stay in tune with the current sound, but we try to stay as true as we can.  Our new album has encompassed an even more modern sound that is the current rock trend going on right now.


ECIM: You play a lot of the night club scene, have you ever had the chance to open for any bigger bands, or headlined a show? 

ROJ: Yes; we have opened for Saving Abel, Pop Evil, Puddle Of Mudd, Filter, Dope and others.  We hope to be opening real soon for some other nationals geared to play in Youngstown.  Any help in this is appreciated.  We put on one hell of a show!


ECIM: What are your goals for the band in the next 5 years? 

ROJ: To be signed to a major label touring the U.S. and the European market.


ECIM: A lot of bands play smaller venues and never really go anywhere.  Is there any advice you would like to give upcoming bands trying to make themselves known? 

ROJ: The best advice is to keep on moving and plugging away; paying your dues.  The right opportunity will come.  If you are good and have the show aspect down, you will be noticed.  Remember to promote the hell out of yourselves even if it seems too much!!! 

ECIM: I want to thank you for allowing us to get a better look at who you guys really are!  Can’t wait to hear more great music!

Check out Remains Of Jade Music Video directed by Sean Lott Films (SLF)  All I Wanted
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