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Meat the Jones-In this humorous yet terrifying tale of A prestigious family of black cannibals. For years the Jones’ have enjoyed an endless supply of “cattle” by feeding on victims who live on the streets of Akron, Ohio. The Jones’ way of life is jeopardized by their daughter Kendal who is a newly converted vegan and doesn’t approve of her family’s dark, twisted ways. Kendal must decide on keeping up the family tradition or helping Ed, the new found love of her life escape the Jones’ house of horrors, before he becomes their next meal.


This movie was fun to watch and was good at showing the reality of a brutally disturbed family who’s true beliefs were in the solidarity of their family commitment.  Though derranged and cruel, through every slice of meat, the Jones elders kept their dedication to their offspring. They managed to support their vegan daughter despite being a cannibalistic, but dedicated members of their community.  Their goal was to give back by donating needed money and support to those in need.  Those who were too far gone to be productive members of society, were personally introduced to the Jones Family.  They gave their blood, sweat, tears and litteraly gave their arms and legs to help with this community outreach program.  

The kills were brutal and inventive, and I give props for the amount of blood and flesh that was used in this film.  Some of the acting wasn’t completely up to par, but I always appreciate those who really give it their all to make an entertaining film for their fans.  If you want to show support, please visit their movie page:

Meat the Jones – IMDB


Maurice Thomas – Director

Maurice Thomas – IMDB

About the Director

In 1999 I made a movie called which got me a job with JR Bookwalter and Full Moon pictures. I worked on Danny Draven’s first movie Horrorvision and went on to work on The Vault, Groom Lake with William Shatner and Dead and Rotten where I played the part of Suggie. On the set of the Vault I discovered my true calling was to make black/urban horror films.

I’ve just finished the premiere episode of a web series called Hard Drive-for Eli Roths Crypt TV.  This video has gotten rave reviews from the people at Crypt TV

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