Matthew T. Metzler – Lucius


Matthew T. Metzler, Actor: Breaking Bad. Matthew T. Metzler is an actor, known for Breaking Bad (2008),

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials (2015) and Longmire (2012).

He portrays Matt, a member of Jack White’s supremacist gang on Breaking Bad



ECIM:  So tell us a little about yourself.  Where were you born, what were your passions as a kid.

MATT: I was born at St.Joseph’s Hospital , Warren , Ohio.  As a kid I wanted to be a stuntman because Evil Knievel was still jumping’ 400 pound motorcycles.


ECIM:  What pushed you in the direction of acting?

MATT: Total misguided chance and then some great people who told me to quit being a pussy and give it a shot.

ECIM: How did you get your first acting job?

MATT: Well after a few background gigs and miserable auditions , I got a chance to audition for the role of one of “Uncle  
Jack’s” guys on Breaking Bad.


ECIM: Did you ever see yourself in this career? 

MATT:No way man. Pure fiction, me even thinking about it now.


ECIM: What would you be doing if you weren’t acting?

MATT:Probably not being creative or happy or peaceful. Fuck , I couldn’t tell ya.


ECIM:  How much did this career change affect your life?

MATT: Gave me a confidence in knowing that being vulnerable in trying your best is necessary.


ECIM:  What kind of support did you receive from friends/family?

MATT: 100% , as always. From the ones that matter.


ECIM: What was it like to work with actors like Jesse Plemons , Kevin Rankin and Michael Bowen ?

MATT: They all have decades of experience and were completely fun to be around. Made me feel very welcome and had a hell of a  
good time. Along with Tait Fletcher & Patrick Sane


ECIM: All of you received an award for the show, tell us a little about what that meant to you?

MATT: An eclipse of my life, how the hell did I get to be honored with attending the SAG Awards. Most of it was a blur from  
confusion and excitement.


ECIM: What do you see yourself doing in the future with acting?

MATT: Taking it all one day at a time, never pretending to know what to expect.


ECIM: You’re a pretty humble guy, how does it affect you when people find out you were in Breaking Bad?

MATT: That doesn’t happen a lot, so…

ECIM: Even though your character never spoke, you still played a noteable role in 5 episodes.  How did your past life help you to  
play the role you were cast in?

MATT: The driving and firearms, and repetition with continuity is familiar enough to me, and all taught in the military so  
that shit finally paid off big time.


ECIM: Because of your look, do you think that you were typecast for the roles you’ve played?



ECIM: You have recently been acting in Travis Bowens film “Midnight Massacre” starring Byron Cherry, Susie Feldman and  
Linda Harrison.  You worked closely with Byron Cherry, what was that experience like?

MATT: Byron is absolutely patient and funny. A real good person too.


ECIM: You have also been given a part with a lot of lines and action, what’s the pressure like with playing a role like  
that after having mostly non-speaking roles in the past?

MATT:It was a solid learning experience with some cool people. Travis is on the quiet side so if I screwed up , he didn’t  
make it worse. Also a patient man.


ECIM: Any plans for future work on the East Coast?  

MATT:Hopes, no plans yet. Working on it though.


ECIM: What type of genre would you like to work in most?

MATT: Right now, wherever things fit and within my abilities.


ECIM:  Is there any advice you would like to share with our fans?

MATT: Nope, I only give advice in private and usually know I’m wrong in the first place. How about, Peace?

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