Josh Manus


Producer and Sound Engineer at Top Of The World Studios with his brother and other engineer Matt Manus.  They are located in Parma Heights Ohio.   As of late last year, they have expanded our services so our artists can receive a full spectrum of support.  They offer recording , mixing, video production, photography, graphic design, garment printing, instrumentals, and even artist consultation by Consultation Specialist and Co-Founder of the Ohio Hip Hop Awards, Derrick Mckenzie.

CHRISTA:  What started your interest in wanting to produce music?

JOSH:   I Started going to a recording studio with my dad at a very early age back in 1988, when digital music creation was at its earliest stages. My father was a mailman who had been put through computer classes when the post office was switching to automated computer systems. His friend who owned the studio was always messing his computer up and needed my dad to come over and fix the computer. While my dad was fixing the computer, his friend (a world class saxophone player) would teach me piano chords to play while he played the sax behind me. I was instantly hooked.

CHRISTA:  How hard was it to begin your dream and what do you think was your biggest struggle to overcome?

JOSH:  My biggest struggle was to become known in my local market. Its hard to get to work with good artists as an unknown producer/studio. I knew if i got some chances that i would surely capitalize. It was hard to convince people to start recording at a new studio.

CHRISTA: What can people expect from the music that comes out of your studio?

JOSH:  We take pride in our quality! My brother Matt Manus, is my other engineer. We are extremely creative with our editing.  We build you a song, not just a recording.  At Top Of The World Studio, we take your vision and make it a reality!

CHRISTA: What do you want people to know about you as a music producer?

JOSH:  That i care about all the songs. All the song i make are like my I make sure they are ready before they go out into the real world.

CHRISTA: Do you have any personal goals for the company in 2014?

JOSH:  To create more national records. We have many local and statewide records out but national music is where the money is at. As of late last year, we have expanded our services so our artists can receive a full spectrum of support.  We now offer recording , mixing, video production, photography, graphic design, garment printing, instrumentals, and even artist consultation by my Consultation Specialist and Co-Founder of the Ohio Hip Hop Awards, Derrick Mckenzie. Things are really starting to come together with that. We are trying to put artists in a place where they can compete with the big players at an affordable price.

CHRISTA: How demanding is it on your personal and social life doing what you do?

JOSH:  Pretty demanding.. Im known for my crazy work ethic. Since the recent expansion my attention is everywhere all the time.  There is a lot that goes into this.. more than just what you see & hear.  But family first in my book, everything else is a blessing..

 CHRISTA: Who have been some of your favorite recording artists you’ve worked with?

JOSH:  This is a hard subject being that I work with such a large number of clients. I will just say that its been an honor to work with so many of the next generation of great Ohio music artists.  I have so many favorites.

 CHRISTA: What would you say separates you as a studio from other area studios? 

JOSH:  Professionalism.  We run a highly organized production facility on all levels. We have one booking line for all services and we send session reminders for all scheduled appointments with our client. I believe it is what is lacking from a lot of other places.  Cant forget the talent of our engineers and producers.

CHRISTA: Who are some of your personal idols in the music industry you admire or would like to someday work with?

JOSH:  Dr Dre, Rick Ruben, Brian Cox, Timberland, & Devin The Dude (My random 1…lol) people like that..

CHRISTA: What is a typical day in the studio like for you?

JOSH:  We usually start taking calls at around 9am. I arrive at work at about 10 am to make sure its clean and everything is on.  First session is usually at around 11 am. On a normal day we have around 4 sessions. We average about 65 songs a week. We have no official open and close hours. We are By Appointment Only.  That can make for really long days. Usually I work the evening and late sessions and my other engineer runs more day time sessions. We do a lot of vocal tracking and mixing everyday, other days we might do instrumental production and radio edits. Everyday is a new experience.

CHRISTA: Who or what has inspired you to persue your dreams in the industry?

JOSH:  First off my mother and father have both showed me music in their own ways and always supported my exploration of music even at an early age. My mother who played piano with me as a child and my father who introduced me to digital music production. I can’t forget my partner of my business my wonderful wife who has endured a lot of late nights and who pushed me to start a company as well as invested heavily into my dream.  Without her none of this would be possible.  I just wanna be able to take care of them all.

To End it all I would like to thank everyone who has supported anything i have ever done! It is the positive feedback I have been getting lately that makes me wanna push harder than ever.  I would like to thank Christa Johnston for giving me this opportunity.  Also be on the look out for the new song I mixed with Clevelands own Caine with Bun B , Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, and C L McCoy called ‘Dreams’.  Thanks again!  Stay tuned in you never know whats going to happen. Get with us at or 440-855-1519 for info and booking.

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