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Jonathan Moody was born and raised in Williamsburg, VA. Having been an avid movie and television watcher since he was introduced to a TV set as a child, he decided to become an actor at the age of 6. Before then he wanted to be a Ghostbuster. When he became a Sophomore in high school is when he choose to be a filmmaker, after watching the Kevin Smith movie “Clerks.” for the first time. He is also an avid horror fan. And is working on several films that are in development.


CHRISTA:  When did you become interested in the film industry?

JOHNATHAN:  I’ve wanted to be an actor in film ever since I was a kid and was in plays in elementary and middle school. I remember one day when i was 12 my friend and I looked up a local agency and gave them a call. We didn’t get an agent that day nor did we like the words expressed to us for calling them without a parent around.

CHRISTA:  You have your own radio show where you conduct interviews. When did you start doing that and what can listeners expect when they tune in?

JOHNATHAN:  I started it back in 2006 as something fun to do as a hobby. It quickly grew in to something much bigger than that. My listeners can expect more serious but not really hard hitting questions. I model my show off of Charlie Rose so it’s more like that.

CHRISTA:  Who were a few of your favorite celebrities that you got to meet/work with?

JOHNATHAN:  Met- Tony Todd, William Forsythe, Norman Reedus, Kane Hodder, Cerina Vincent, Joey Lauren Adams, Danielle Harris, and Angelina Armani.  Worked with- Matthew Ewald, Heather Drew, Devanny Pinn, Jackey Hall, Sierra Holmes, Kelsey Zukowski, and Sam Qualiana

CHRISTA:  You write, direct and act on several of your projects. How hard is it for you to do all three?

JOHNATHAN:  Sometimes too hard. Depends on how much planning goes in to it. And even sometimes things are all planned out life gives you obstacles to tackle. I’d rather co direct if I act like I’m doing with “Dracula’s War”.

CHRISTA:  You have a film “Dracula”s War” coming up. What can you tell the readers about the production of that?

JOHNATHAN:  Just expect an epic Vampire Werewolf Monster Action Adventure film.

CHRISTA:  What are your personal goals in your career for the future?

JOHNATHAN:  To just be able to make movies full time. Once I’ll get there I’ll work on doing more than that.

CHRISTA:  What struggles have you faced as an independent artist in the business?

JOHNATHAN:  Fundraising is the hardest thing but it’s not impossible.

CHRISTA:  What advice would you give up and coming actors and filmmakers on their quest to break into the business?

JOHNATHAN:  For actors if you don’t feel you can do it naturally and others agree then take acting lessons, read acting books, study the craft. I’m working on that as well.  For filmmakers always learn. Once again read books, watch movies (even bad ones), listen to commentary, and learn terminology. And the biggest thing is learn the business. Cause film is a business.

CHRISTA:  What are some of the things you love about the industry and also what are some of the things about the profession that you wish you didn’t have to do?

JOHNATHAN:  I love it all. I love learning new things every day. There’s really not something I wish I didn’t have to do cause all of it is needed.

CHRISTA:  Where do you get your inspiration for your projects?

JOHNATHAN:  Depends on the project. Sometime’s its just a title. Sometimes its an old idea I wanna recreate in my own imaginary way. And sometimes its crazy dreams I’ve had.

CHRISTA:  Who are a few of your personal idols in Hollywood?

JOHNATHAN:  My top 5 are Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Williamson, Kevin Smith, and Mike White  

CHRISTA:  Who would you someday hope to work with that you think you would have good chemistry with?

JOHNATHAN:  Well we’re already gonna be working together Christa haha but I guess also Danielle Harris, Brian Krause, Misha Collins, Christine Lakin, and Cerina Vincent are a few.

CHRISTA:  If you could change anything about mainstream movies, what would it be?

JOHNATHAN:  If they would take less money and use it to start more independent studios that would help out a lot of independent films.

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