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Genoveva RossiGenoveva Rossi is a professional actress, cult film star, and well-known horror genre actress. She has always been a huge fan of acting. As a child she loved to play dress up and act out different scenes from her favorite movies. Her favorite genres to act in are: horror, comedy, drama, and improv.





Personal Quotes:

“Through my acting I am able to fully embrace my dark side and give her free reign.”

“I think of my acting career as my love affair with horror for it is filled with blood and passion.”

“Horror isn’t just a genre, it’s a lifestyle.”







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Genoveva has always been a huge fan of horror and the supernatural, so her transition into acting in the horror genre was very natural for her. She is mostly known for her horror films, but has branched out a quite bit in her selection of roles. She’s played a sexy Satanist, a séance leader, a demon, a pregnant hippie, a mother, a hired assassin, a murderer, a witch, a fortune-teller, a doctor at a mental asylum, a reporter, a zombie, a vampire, a member of the National Guard, a sexy model, and a whole bunch more. So far it’s been an exciting ride and a fabulous opportunity to challenge herself as an actress and to expand her horizons as an adventurer. Genoveva loves the excitement of trying on a new character and really getting inside that person’s head.

Some of the films you can look for Genoveva in are: Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Bloodmania, Take 2: The Audition (with Tyler Mane,) Apocalypse Kiss(with Michael Berryman, D.C. Douglas, and Tom Atkins), Tapestry (with Stephen Baldwin, Tina Louise, and Burt Young), A Dark Place Inside, I Spill Your Guts, Hunters (with Linnea Quigley), Agraphobia: Fear of Sexual Assault, Scotomaphobia: Fear of Blindness, Cool As Hell, Blood Slaughter Massacre, Jack ‘O’ Slasher, Witchs Blood, and many more. Outside of the horror genre you can find her in the genres of drama, thriller, and comedy.

11751884_1041993279153662_1032209524203352484_nIn addition to being a professional actress, she is also a model of both photography and fine art. Interestingly enough, Genoveva has also always had a fascination with mysticism and the occult; she is a professional psychic reader specializing in tarot, runes, palms and crystals.

Each month Genoveva writes a feature for Malevolent Magazine called “A Day In the Life Of A Scream Queen”, which features her adventures in the horror genre. She has also joined the Diabolique Magazine marketing team to promote the Premiere Magazine in the Horror genre.

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She is based in the NYC/NJ area.

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