Ryan Wood

Ryan Wood

I’m 27, I currently live in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho with my father.  I was born and raised in Ashtabula County, Ohio.  I’ve always been obsessed with video games and horror,even from a very early age. I am the worlds self proclaimed fan of Freddy Krueger and Mega Man. Actually my gamertag is directly from Nightmare on Elm Street. I own a huge collection of Freddy memorabilia including two real life Freddy gloves. I’m really a huge nerd, I still collect cards from an old Dragon Ball Z card game even though the game has long since been gone.

CHRISTA:  What inspired you to want to write?

RYAN:  Well, even though I was never very good at writing, I’ve always had an amazing imagination. I’ve always had problems taking my ideas from my head and changing them to words. Ironically for my first story, I had grown up having a very similar dream haunt me almost every night. I was deathly afraid of zombies as a child, so much so in fact the music video “Thriller” was too scary for me.

CHRISTA:  Who are some of your favorite writers?

RYAN:  As far as favorite writers go I have never been much of a “book guy”. I’ve always been an avid gamer/horror movie enthusiast even though the latter scared me growing up. So, I can’t really say I have a favorite writer, but now that I’m older I appreciate horror writers more, as it seems to me they have the most fun. Clive Barker, Stephen King, Max Brooks just to name a few.

CHRISTA:  What are your goals for your writing?

RYAN:  My goals for writing at this moment are more of a hobby. Something fun I can do and tap into my creative/imaginative side to hopefully bring horror back to the dark, gritty ness that it was when I was growing up. I’m not trying to get famous or anything, just want to honor my love for horror and show it the respect it deserves.

CHRISTA:  Do you have any plans to persue your writing long term?

RYAN:  Perhaps if this becomes less of a hobby and more of a job I could see myself doing this long term. I have a bunch of wonderfully dark horror ideas in my head, but as I stated before putting them on paper is the hard part.

CHRISTA:  Do you have any ideas you are working on turning into a story?

RYAN:  I do have some ideas that I’m currently tossing around in my head. Not to sound cliche, but a lot of them come from the horrible nightmares that I have all to often. Besides those, there are stories I’m sure I could write with other people fears in mind, but as of right now I’m sticking to my own as they would be the most genuine.

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