My name is Ryan Wood.  I’m 27, I currently live in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho with my father.I was born and raised in Ashtabula County, Ohio. I’ve always been obsessed with video games and horror,even from a very early age. I am the worlds self proclaimed fan of Freddy Krueger and Mega Man. Actually my gamertag is directly from Nightmare on Elm Street. I own a huge collection of Freddy memorabilia including two real life Freddy gloves. I’m really a huge nerd, I still collect cards from an old Dragon Ball Z card game even though the game has long since been gone.



Blue Remy


Native of Santa Maria, CA, Blue Remy is the author of The XIII Hour™ Series, and the raw, gritty series Twisted In Love.  When she’s not writing, Blue lives to ghost hunt whenever she can, which tends to help her imagination and outrageous character ideas. She was first introduced to the paranormal world through her Grandmother and her haunting bedtime stories.




1 Emory


Emory is the Creator & Editor-In-Chief of Malevolent Magazine.  Malevolent Magazine showcases the best in Indie Horror films, including interviews with filmmakers, actors/actresses in the genre.   An avid Horror fan since childhood, Emory felt compelled to create a new breed of publication to bring focus upon the ever growing Indie Horror Community.




Genoveva Rossi


Genoveva is a professional actress, cult film star, and well-known horror genre actress. She has always been a huge fan of acting. As a child she loved to play dress up and act out different scenes from her favorite movies.  In addition to being a professional actress, she is also a model of both photography and fine art. Interestingly enough, Genoveva has also always had a fascination with mysticism and the occult; she is a professional psychic reader specializing in tarot, runes, palms and crystals.

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