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1 EmoryEmory is the Creator & Editor-In-Chief of Malevolent Magazine. He writes interviews, reviews and promotes merchandising.  He also creates magazine layouts & design as well as promotion through social media, blog posts & the website. An avid Horror fan since childhood, Emory felt compelled to create a new breed of publication to bring focus upon the ever growing Indie Horror Community.

MALEVOLENT MAGAZINE showcases the best in Indie Horror films, including interviews with filmmakers, actors/actresses in the genre. 

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CHRISTA:  When you founded Malevolent Magazine, what was your beginning goal you’d hoped to bring to each issue?

EMORY:  Hi Christa, thanks so much for this opportunity. From the very beginning, I wanted to create a Horror magazine that would showcase indie filmmakers, actors and actresses in a way that most publications avoid or overlook. Giving them extended coverage and full features with interviews and images they could look back on and be proud of for years to come.

CHRISTA:  What inspired you to create this magazine?

EMORY:  What originally inspired me to create Malevolent was when some work I submitted to a Horror magazine was turned down. I decided to create my own magazine with a unique edge and give like minded individuals an opportunity for their work to be seen. I was looking for material for the first issue and it dawned on me that the main focus should be Indie Horror films.

CHRISTA:  Did you anticipate that it would transpire into what it’s become?

EMORY:  The acceptance of Malevolent in the Horror community has truly been a humbling experience. I was hoping it would be well received, but I didn’t anticipate that it would be held in the same regards as a few other publications that’s been around for several years now. Especially in the last couple of months, the following has escalated immensely by new fans and people inquiring about being featured. I would like to think it’s just getting started and will become a staple in the world of Horror magazines.

CHRISTA:  On average, how much time do you spend on each issue?

EMORY:  As soon as I finish an issue and release it, I immediately start on the next while promoting the current one. So at least a month is spent gathering the features, interviews and images, then creating and saving all the layouts. It’s a never ending process. lol.

CHRISTA:  What do you feel goes into a good article?

EMORY:  I feel it takes more facts than opinion to create a good article. Plus, lots of research. Since starting Malevolent, IMDb and Google have become my best friends.

CHRISTA:  What do you think people enjoy the most about your magazine?

EMORY:  I think people really enjoy the extended features…While many publications will only do a one or two page feature on an indie artist, MM will do 6-8 pages with lots of images of the subject’s choosing. Also, I don’t try to emulate the classic Horror magazine format. I think it takes away from what the feature is focusing on and I want to create a style that Malevolent is known for.

CHR1MMXISTA:  You’ve created a spin off of MM. Can you tell me a little more about X-treme and what you hope to accomplish with it?

EMORY:  Malevolent was featuring everything from Indie Horror films, photography, art, music and more! Now MM will focus solely on Indie Horror films while Malevolent Magazine X-treme will feature the Horror photography, art, tattoos and alt models. So far it’s proven to allow me to cover much more without having so many pages that the reader might lose interest. Plus, each one seems to have its own audience, so I think it will keep both sides satisfied depending on their taste for Horror.

CHRISTA:  Who is your target audience for your magazine?

EMORY:  I try to target the Horror fan in general, but also give the filmmakers, actors and actresses in the industry an interesting look at their peers as well. I’m trying to give the Indie Horror world as broad of a spectrum of exposure as possible.


CHRISTA:  What are some of the challenges in creating an indie magazine that you’ve overcome and feel might be ahead of you still?

EMORY:  One of the biggest challenges has been building the fanbase. A new Horror magazine coming out of nowhere is always questionable to hardcore Horror fans, but the reception has gone well and the following is going up. The challenge ahead will be getting out to the conventions and presenting Malevolent to a wider audience. Plus, if all goes well, the plan is to have MM in bookstores and on magazine racks within the next couple of years.

CHRISTA:  What other aspects of the entertainment industry are you interested in?

EMORY:  I’m very interested in filmmaking. I feel it is the next logical step in being a part of the industry. I would love to share my visions with the world of Indie Horror. See my horrifying stories come to life on the screen. My main focus is Malevolent Magazine, but definitely watch for a short film in the future.

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