Chris Hahn


21 years of experience in Professional Wrestling. 6 years of Acting experience.


INDEPENDENT WRESTLING  Heavy weight Champion, held many belts. 1994-Present

WWF/WWE PROMOTIONS  Undercard Talent 1994-2002

WCW PROMOTIONS  Undercard Talent 1992-1993

ECW PROMOTIONS  Undercard Talent 1998-1999


Film: Captain America – Cleveland – post production

Axe Giant Wrath of Paul Bunyan: Played the character Paul Bunyan. Wore a 65 lbs full body suit for up to 12 hours a day. Awards: November 2012, Monster of the Year at the Shockfest Festival. The film, Axe Giant Wrath of Paul Bunyan won Best Picture and Best Screen Write. This film was produced at Kenitic Film Works. Directed by: Gary Jones, Produced by: Jeff Miller and Special Effects: Bob Kurtzman.

Performance Skills: Former WWE/WWF, Improvisation, Host, Stunts, Comedian
Athletic Skills: Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Baseball, Former WWE/WWF, Football


About Me: I have been in the entertainment/wrestling/acting profession for a number of years. Recently, I am acting as the chairman for a local wrestling company and I enjoy being on stage,working the audience, getting the crowd motivated.  One of best experiences was making the Bunyan Movie with the Gary Jones(Director), Jeff Miller (Producer) and the crew from Kinetic Filmworks. Please look at the trailer. My aim is to act/stunts in more movies.


ECIM:  When did you get started in wrestling?

CHRIS HAHN:  I got started in pro wrestling the year after I graduated high school.  I graduated in ’89 and I went to a training center called The Monster Factory.  The main training center is in Salsbury, New Jersey.  The guy that trained me, his name was Charlie Fulton and he ran a facility in Marion, Ohio.  So I trained there for 6 months, did a couple independent shows and then they sent me up to the Rochester War Memorial(check spelling) to wrestle The Undertaker and I got squashed.  The next night, we were in Syracuse, and I wrestled The Road Warriors, and got squashed.  But you know what?  I enjoyed every minute of it.  You know, just being in front of the crowd, the whole atmosphere, kind of feeling like you were a somebody.

ECIM:  What was it like, to wrestle in the WWF? 

CHRIS HAHN:  It’s kind of like, you’re playing semi-pro football, and then you’re in the NFL.  There’s no higher than the World Wrestling Federation.  It’s not like I had made  it, but I got a taste of what it was like, so it made me a little bit hungry.

ECIM:  So how did you get the chance to wrestle guys like The Undertaker?

CHRIS HAHN:  I was what they called a developmental independent talent.  From ’94 to ’99 I worked with the WWF as East Coast Talent.  So every time they came out to the east coast, I would hook up with them and travel with them for 3 days.  They would do three day tapings, Monday Night RAW, then they would do their Saturday morning show, then they would do Sunday Night Heat.  One day you’d be in Cleveland, then you go to Pittsburgh, and then Buffalo, New York.  Then maybe three weeks later, they’d be in Indianapolis, then Columbus, Ohio then to Cleveland.   Then I’d be off for a few weeks.  Then they come to Louisville, then Lexington and maybe Morgantown, or Wheeling, West Virginia.  Then I’d be done for a couple more weeks.  I got to meet those guys and hang out with them, it was pretty cool.

ECIM:  I know alot of it is acting, theater basically.  You guys talk about what you’re going to do, or how you’re going to react.  But when you get in the ring, it’s a lot different.

CHRIS HAHN:  Sure it is.  Right, yeah because just like in acting, if I forget my lines so I ad lib.   In the wrestling world, if I forget a move, what I’m supposed to do, I just go with the flow.  As long as I don’t hurt anybody or nobody hurts me and it looks halfway decent and we put on a good show.  It’s all about putting on a show for the crowd, you got one bad guy, one good guy, you tell a story and hopefully the story comes out the way you want it to come out, sometimes it doesn’t and someone gets hurt.  Then the next week, you come back to this town, you just add onto the story.  It’s kind of like a soap opera for guys.

ECIM:  Have you ever been injured?  Anything really bad?

CHRIS HAHN:  I wrestled at a Charitable Foundation for Darren McCarty, former brusier for the Detroit Red Wings.  He had a Cancer Foundation and every year he’d throw a Pro Wrestling Show.  One year I was in the main event, and he was going to get involved and I went to pin the guy, and one, two and he kicked out, pin him again, and one, two he kicked out.  The next thing you know I stood up and shoved Darren McCarty.  I shoved him hard enough where he hit the ropes and was supposed to come back and give me a forearm.  Well he laid into me pretty hard and ended up dislocating my jaw.  That wasn’t very fun, it was worse putting it back into place than it was getting it knocked out.  Besides that, tearing a hamstring is the worst I’ve gotten hurt.  Knock on wood.

ECIM:  You said you still do some independent work.  Do you still wrestle?

CHRIS HAHN:  Right now I still work for a promotional company called ASWA which is based out of Mansfield, Ohio.  I don’t do a lot of wrestling anymore, I’m sort of the “Vince McMahon” of the promotion.  I’m the CEO, I set the rules.  I’m the prick that nobody likes.  I’m 42 years old, so I got into acting for a reason.  I don’t want to have a steel chair whacked over my head anymore.

ECIM:  Axe Giant was your first film.  How did you get involved?

CHRIS HAHN:  It was my first feature.  A buddy of mine knows Gary Jones real well, and he recommended me for the part.  Gary calls me up and says “I need a big guy, I need a guy that can move, a guy that has stamina and someone that can uphold a 50lb prosthetic suit for periods of time.”  I told him, well I’ve never done it before but I’m always up for the challenge.  So we went in, did a fitting, some body cast molds they made a costume that fit me and we went from there.  To tell you the truth I never thought the movie was going to get done.  It got cut short, they had to get some funding, cut short, more funding.  Finally they got it done and it came out unbelievable.

ECIM:  How long did you have to wear the suit?

CHRIS HAHN:  I shot three consecutive days, twelve hours a day.  It was a glue down suit, so once they put it on, you don’t take it off.  I lost about 22 pounds in 3 days from all the sweating. They had a zip up pouch in the back, they would jam it full of ice on my breaks.  There was times, I’d work for an hour or so, then I’d have a three hour sit down.  If Bunyan 2 comes out, next time we’ll have what they call a cool suit, where they have water cylinders that run through the suit that keep your body cool.

ECIM:  Have you done anything else lately? 

CHRIS HAHN:  Yeah, I did an extra part in the Captain America movie they shot in Cleveland.  I did an elevator scene in the mall, it was a pretty extensive scene and it wasn’t going to be cut.  The director said, you’ll know it’s you.  I just had a reading for a movie called “Arms and the Man” which is going to be shot in Pittsburgh.  I read for the second lead, which is a lot of dialogue.  In the Bunyan movie there wasn’t a lot of dialogue so this will be interesting.  I read for a movie called “The Palisades” which is going to be shot in Detroit and if I’m not mistaken, I think it’s a George Clooney movie.  I’m kind of  excited about that, I read for the part of a security guard.  Then I’m doing a dating reality show, called “Cougar Baiting”  It’s the whole story of the cougar, younger guy older woman, but it focuses on the guy, which is called the “Cub”, you never hear about that part.  It’s actually more of a documentary.  I’m also getting ready to do one called “The Life Of A Grappler”  It’s going to be shot in Chicago.  It’s about a bunch of old time pro wrestlers that are still involved in the circuit.  I think Brutus the Beefcake, and Greg the Hammer Valentine, Roddy Piper and a lot of those guys are involved.

ECIM:  I know Hacksaw Jim Dugan is going to be at the Eastwood Expo Center in November.  Are you going to show up there? 

CHRIS HAHN:  Yeah I talked to Travis Bowen about it, he’s doing some work and he wants me to come up and do a reading for a part.  I think I’ll come and check it out.  I also have a meeting with a guy that’s walking around here looking like Elvis.  He’s got a tv thing down in Pittsburgh, he wants me to come down and sit and talk to him about some stuff.  You know, this is all brand new for me.  I’ve realized that, just like in the pro wrestling world, there’s a lot of bullshit artists, who say I’ve got this, I’ve got that, I’m going to make you the next Superstar.  Then nothing really seems to pan through.  But you know what, one day at a time, put one foot in front of the other, where it goes it goes.  If it doesn’t go anywhere, no one can say I didn’t have any fun, because I had a blast!   If I did nothing else, and I made the Bunyan movie, that was the best.  For my first actual acting role, I got the lead part in a Sci Fi movie.  I got to meet Joe Estevez and Dan Haggarty and all those guys, and those were great guys and I had a blast doing it.

ECIM:  Yeah, whatever happens after this, whatever falls through, you don’t get paid for something, at least you have those stories of what you did do.

CHRIS HAHN:  Exactly, the memories, exactly.  Yeah, so far I’ve been doing the acting now, pushing it for about four months.  I joined a company out in Las Vegas called Explore Talent, and I have a profile page on there and on IMDB and I get a lot of hits, and I’ve gotten a lot of stuff in those three months.  My mom is kind of my personal assistant, she just retired and she spends all day in front of that computer, sending out headshots and resumes.  So I’ve got some people in my corner and if I succeed in it, I’ve got a lot of people to thank.

ECIM:  Did you have a feel for acting?

CHRIS HAHN:  You know what, I’ve always had a feel for being a showman, loudmouth.  When I played football I was always kind of the Brian Bosworth, you know I’d show off and stuff and my dad’s said “You’re going to be a great actor some day, and I got into pro wrestling and my dad’s like “Oh, you found your niche you’re going to be a pro wrestler”  And in the pro wrestling, my gift was not the actual wrestling.  It was cutting promos, you know and shooting off at the mouth and calling the fat lady in the front row a dirty hillbilly and stuff like that.  Just rolling with it and playing it up and this and that.  That was my niche.

ECIM:  Well I appreciate it, and hope to see more of your work in the future.

CHRIS HAHN:  Thanks I appreciate the time.

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