Editors Note

untitled3I have been in love with art since a very young age.  Remembering my childhood, the excitement when my father brought home our very first VCR.  It was a G.E. model top loader and it was just beautiful with it’s silver gray metallic case and it’s robotic like loader that became one of my favorite sounds over the next decade.  I still remember one of the first movies I watched on our 27 inch floor model color TV.
My time in art class in school.  It was always my favorite subject.  Although I did have some really close friends that enjoyed watching movies or TV, they didn’t have that same passion for the stories, or the visual structure that made the action so exciting.  I watched countless movies and read several thousand comic books growing up.  I became immersed in the reality of many different worlds and a wide array of alternate universes, races and fairy tales.
Over the last thirty some years I have watched hundreds of thousands of movies, short films, music videos, television shows and documentaries as well as read hundreds of different genres of books, comics and magazines.  I have followed the news of the world as well as Hollywood and independent filmmakers, special effects artists, actors and other celebrities across the globe.  I have studied many different aspects of the film-making process from writing to directing, producing, cinematography and special effects makeup.  Yet I do not consider myself a professional in any of the things I have taught myself over the years.  I am just an artist who has a vision and craves creativity and the stories of other artists who have walked their own path through the world of art no matter what form they choose.  I am an observer of life!  We as artists get our inspiration from the things around us, no matter how big or small.
I have tried over the years to bring other artists together on several projects of mine and I have only succeeded on the projects that involved others artists ideas.  I will still continue to seek out those who wish to collaborate with me on future projects but I wanted to create this magazine based on the lives and stories told by the artists themselves.  I have struggled over the last couple months digging hard into my creative mind to come up with some interesting and well skilled artists who have fought hard and practiced often to be where they are today.  I invite any artist to come and tell us their story of success and how they achieved it so that the knowledge may be passed on to other artists who are starting out or have been working at it and getting nowhere.  This magazine is for the artists who are seeking out other local artists who will help give them a chance to share their vision, whether to seek fortune and fame or just to seek recognition in the film industry whether independent or Hollywood.  These are your stories and experiences.  Due to slow marketing habits of mine, I will be writing most of the interviews and stories until I can get more artists to take part in this magazine to help spread the word about other independent artists.  This isn’t supposed to be about my opinion of others, but The Voice of the Independent Artist!  Welcome to East Coast Indie Magazine!